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1.5kWp System
(~Php 2500/mo savings) 

Php 131,000
(4 years ROI)

3.1 kWp System
(~Php 5,000/mo savings) 

Php 227,000
(4 years ROI)

5 kWp System
(~ Php 8,000/mo savings) 

Php 340,000
(3 years ROI) 

SolarNOW is an official dealer of Solaric and subcontractor based in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. We are devoted to providing an easy and seamless experience when you choose to go Solar. Purchase through us to have shorter wait times. We have a dedicated team that can deliver fast and efficient service with the same high quality equipment that Solaric brings you.


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Customer Service

At SolarNOW, we pride ourselves in offering dedicated customer service. We commit to go the extra mile, and ensure that we are here to support you every step of the installation process.

Engineering & Design Expertise

We custom design the rooftop installations for every rooftop, to make sure that you make the most out of your investment. We offer various solar solutions that we can customize in accordance to your needs – whether grid tie, hybrid, or off-grid.

Quality Installation

We use only quality Tier1 equipment that is best for your installation. We employ only the newest and proven technologies to meet your needs and demands. We provide superior quality installations that are executed using only the best of Engineering, Electrical, Health and Safety practices and standards.


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